What is America?

On July 4th, I found myself in Mountain View, CA.  Though far from home, I celebrated in the traditional American manner – with beer, BBQ, and fireworks.  On this day, thoughts of independence mixed with the silent recognition that my adventure was coming to a close.  So I began to reflect on all that I had seen.  When I set out on my trip, I aimed to discover what our country is really like.  Sitting beside the Google campus and craning my neck upwards to take in the brilliant spectacle, my mind wandered: what, if anything, had I learned?  Below is my answer.  Below is my portrait of America.* Continue reading


Going to California


I felt as if I already knew this place.  Nowhere were my preconceptions more pronounced than with California.  Chalk it up to all the pop culture I’ve consumed in my two-plus decades.  But with one final border crossing,  I would finally have the chance to separate fact from fiction. Continue reading


Keep Portland Weird

It’s been more than a week since returning home.  I’ve fully unpacked (short only a mouse, which I believe I left somewhere in Wyoming) and become reacquainted with old bad habits (note how long it has taken me to write this).  But I promised you 20 posts and by my count we’ve only hit 15.  So, with my excuses exhausted and little else to do in this oppressive Jersey heat, let’s get to it. Continue reading